Vision Statement

The Village Downtown Grosse Pointe is a lively, vibrant destination of visually appealing and historic storefronts and streetscapes; welcoming everyone into its community of art-filled public spaces, creative, locally-owned enterprises and respected national chains - all intentionally connected through the innovative use of 21st century technologies.  This is accomplished through:

Creating a visually appealing and vibrant physical environment that honors the District's history and embraces 21st Century technology

Expanding the mix of businesses and actiities to create desired experiences that appeal to people of all ages in and beyond the Pointes

Developing a cohesive identity for the District to reflect a welcoming and connected community.

Main Street Grosse Pointe activities are undertaken by the Board of Directors, other volunteers and and staff all who share the common goal of making the downtown area a better place in which to live, work, and enjoy.